SCALE Tools and Resources

It is a set of questions related to each of the SCALE considerations that allow you to:

  • Reflect on the extent to which your organisation is integrating evidence-based good practices and impact into its programmes and its ways of working.
  • Identify what you can improve.
  • Start a conversation on how to do it.

Ideally, this tool should be used at a moment when you are at a reflection point (e.g., when a programme has been completed or when you are writing a proposal) or at a critical juncture (when you are developing a new strategy or entering a new market).

Plan a session with your team. Provide some pre-reading material from the report and ask everyone to be ready to brainstorm.

Ideally, this tool is meant to be used by a team. The intention is to share different perspectives and reflect together as a first step towards change. Remember, change needs to be a well-thought-out process.

This tool is not meant to be a checklist. There is no need to answer the questions one by one. Think about your organisation and allow your strengths and opportunity areas to guide your reflection.

SCALE – Downloads
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