Coalition for Positive Impact

Type of organisation: Enterprise Support Organisation (ESO)

Number of years in operation: 5

Location: Adjacent Handanan Hotel, Wa Poly Road,Napogbakole, Upper West Region, Ghana – Upper West – WA

Tel: +233 209780338 | Email:

Website: http://WWW.CPIMPACT.ORG

Brief Description

Coalition for Positive Impact (CPI) is an incorporated non-profit organization focused on developing and nurturing Ghanaian youth into transformative leaders and entrepreneurs through innovation, mentorship and technology. Founded in November 2018 and headquartered in Wa, Ghana, CPI has touched the lives of over 1,500 young individuals across the Northern regions of Ghana.

Our flagship program, Igniting Dreams, has provided seed funding and invaluable business development services to 30 young entrepreneurs, creating 300+ job opportunities for Northern Ghana’s youth.

Type of Enterprise Support Organisation (ESO) Capacity Development Provider, Development Finance Institution or Donor Agency, Incubator
Works With Entrepreneurs
Non Financial Support Provided Fellowships
Financial Support Provided Grant
Stage of Focus of ESO Early, Startup (Post-revenue)
Stage of Business Entity Agriculture & Food, Financial Services, Hospitality & Tourism