Bridge-Tailor Consulting

Type of organisation: Enterprise Support Organisation (ESO)

Number of years in operation: 1.6

Location: No. 20 Nikoi Street, East-Legon, Ghana – Greater Accra – East-Legon

Tel: 233 556482695 / 552328252 | Email:


Brief Description

We are a boutique management consultancy firm specialising in business promotion and growth strategies with enterprise solutions across the business life cycle.

Our services are packaged for every stage of your enterprise journey; whether you are entertaining an idea and need guidance, or you are set on the concepts and need help with set-up, or you are already a running business that need a hand so you can focus on your core!

Type of Enterprise Support Organisation (ESO) Research or Advisory Service Provider
Works With Entrepreneurs, Intermediaries
Non Financial Support Provided Coworking, Events, Research & Policy, Technical Assistance & Capacity Building
Financial Support Provided None
Stage of Focus of ESO Ideation (Pre-revenue), Early, Startup (Post-revenue), Growth, Mature (Latest)
Stage of Business Entity Information & Communication Technology