Type of organisation: Enterprise Support Organisation (ESO)

Number of years in operation: 10

Location: # 77 Nii Nortei Nyanchi St, Street Dzorwulu, Accra, Ghana – Greater Accra – Accra

Tel: 23330274 0888 | Email: info@esoghana.org

Website: https://kicghana.org

Brief Description

At KIC, we are committed to increasing awareness of agricultural opportunities and the associated entrepreneurial benefits for the youth. To achieve this, we have rolled out a series of programs and projects to reach and support them at each level of their growth. The KIC projects are structured to provide support to youth ranging from high school students to Medium-scale business owners.

Type of Enterprise Support Organisation (ESO) Accelerator
Works With Entrepreneurs
Non Financial Support Provided Accelerator
Financial Support Provided Grant
Stage of Focus of ESO Ideation (Pre-revenue), Early
Stage of Business Entity Agriculture & Food
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