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Year started: | Current status: Applications closed

Business stage:
Startup (Post-revenue)
Mature (Latest)

Sector Agnostic

Duration: months | Mode: In-person and Virtual | Participation Fee: Free

Number of participant accepted per cohort:

Location(s): Ghana – – |

Brief Description

The AfNEXT project seeks to support SMEs through a combination of
1) Technical and 2) Financial Assistance;
1) it offers business development trainings and highly customized consulting services to improve business performance and market access;
2) it provides support for the procurement of equipment to increase production capacities (in-kind Grant Scheme).

Training details

Describe the format of your programme.:

The maximum grant amount is EUR 7700. All successful applicants who become beneficiaries of the AfNEXT project must commit to contribute 15% co-financing (EUR 1358 in case of the maximum grant amount) or higher if the required equipment is more expensive than EUR 9058 (maximum grant amount + mandatory 15% co-financing + top-up by beneficiary).

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Current Partners and Funders

Implemented with: Association of Ghana Industries (AGI)

Support provided

Non Financial Support Provided: Crowdfunding Platform|Technical Assistance & Capacity Building

Financial Support Provided: Grant|Equity