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Year started: July 10, 2023 | Current status: Applications closed

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Supply Chain Services

Duration: months | Mode: In-person and Virtual | Participation Fee: Free

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Location(s): Ghana – Greater Accra – Accra |

Brief Description

UNSEAL will provide small grants to the latter for the acquisition of machinery (limited size and quantities) needed to respond to concrete international buyers’ requests/orders. This scheme thus leverages the technical support and market access opportunities (being) provided via Africa FAN to accelerate the job creation capacities of local textile and garment companies. It will also comprise a ‘Green Component’ meant to increase energy efficiency within local T&A factories.

The selected beneficiaries will obtain the following:
• Invest for Jobs will offer grants of up to Fifteen Thousand Euros (15,000.00 €) per beneficiary
towards the acquisition of equipment or machinery required by the beneficiary (flexibility to offer
up to 20,000.00€ in an exceptional case) to respond to concrete international buyer orders.
Beneficiaries will contribute 30% of the cost of the equipment.
• Through the ‘Green Component’, beneficiaries will receive expert support to improve energy efficiency within their factories as follows:
o Energy Audit: to assign opportunities for energy savings and associated investment requirements.
o Implementation of an Energy Management System: to monitor, control and optimize the performance of energy systems.
• Technical support from an expert towards the production of the orders in question

Training details

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The grants will not be accessible to local companies for the purchase of fabric needed for any
factory production. These are expected to be financed by the companies’ Working Capital.
• The ‘Green Component’ of the scheme shall be a mandatory activity which goes hand in hand
with the offer.
• Invest for Jobs will procure and hand over the equipment or machinery to the beneficiaries.

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